Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Chef's Heart

A Chef's Heart documentary door pure-media
In a Chef's Heart we explore the passion of Amsterdam based Michelin star chef Chris Naylor. He shares his journey to a more sustainable and social way of preparing high end food with a focus on vegetables.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vegetable workshop with Chris Naylor

For our new Documentaire A Chef's Heart with Chris Naylor we followed Christ  with the camera  teaching a workshop “cooking with locale vegetables” for the students of restaurant Fifteen. Most students were impressed  with Chris'  innovative way of working ,cooking and of course how the food tasted.

Chris starts with handing out the recipies.

Cooking with unusual vegetables.

Meeting Chris Naylor

For  our documentary film City Roof Top's we went on Friday 26 Sept 2014 to the roof of the Barbizon hotel with restaurant Vermeer. There I met Chris Naylor. I had seen him before at Vork and Mes during filming of Tomorrow's Food. Observing him cooking the meals I wondered what his story was so approached him and ask him if we could meet to talk about making a documentary with him.